Who wants to know?

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So, how can Lipsi help you?

As an Influencer

Get anonymous feedback from your followers

Use Lipsi to ask your followers for anonymous feedback, or to ask them a controversial question -and hear what they really have to say.

As an Employer

Get anonymous feedback from your co-workers and customers.

We know that voicing your opinions can sometimes result in backlash. Use Lipsi as an opportunity to express your concerns and dissatisfaction to businesses and colleagues.

As an advocate for mental health

We know that mental health is not so easy to talk about.

Tell your friends you’re there for them. If they need someone to talk to about something that’s bothering them, they’ll know they can confide in you anonymously.

Lispi Link

Post this link in your instagram bio and receive anynomous feedback from your followers. Story it!

Anonymous Feedback

Find your friends and give them honest feedback. Lipsi protects your identity so that you can share anything

Conversation Management

Stay in control of all your conversations -block, flag or report anyone at anytime.

Control Your Anonymity

You’re always anonymous until you reveal your identity.

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